Welcome to MoonDown Brew Co. a digital reflection of my adventures in brewing.



This is my first venture into brewing with experimental hops that are essentially unproven and unpredictable by nature. Part of the adventure in brewing is taking chances and trying things that others have not perfected for you. For me this is exciting and invigorating. It is up to me to figure these hops out and use them in the best way possible.


This is the second beer to be brewed by MoonDown Brew Co.  For this brew I have selected Apollo and Columbus, and Mosaic hops from Yakima Valley Hops. The Steeping grains consist of Pale, Aromatic, flaked wheat, and flaked oats. This brew will also be dry hopped as part of the brewing process.


Alyxion is anAmerican red ale brewed primarily with Citra. Alyxion is one that I wanted to create specifically for women, and especially my wife Sasha. This brew will be coming very very soon.


I am excited to produce hand crafted home brewed beer that shapes and molds the confines of the craft beer world. I hope to expand upon the idea that there are no boundaries to what can be created. There is always going to be another approach and different direction to take. I want to cover the steps laid before me and pave the way to the next steps after me in modern craft beer brewing. I am creating Zymotic Jazz for the ages.



Dem Stones Dry Hop in Secondary